Cyber Security

FCG helps you stay vigilant against a growing number of threats.

Experience across the security spectrum.

Today, cybersecurity should be embedded in everything you do. Your technology solutions need to be resilient from the ground up to minimize risks and adapt to new challenges and opportunities. We help you build trust and promote resilience, while preparing for the unexpected.

CMMC 2.0 has created new thresholds of compliance and liability for government contractors. FCG security consultants are currently engaged with our clients, deciphering and implementing changes to their processes and infrastructures in response. We can help you with this.

As companies step up their digitization programs and business models, enormous amounts of data are being generated and shared. Data is now extremely valuable to businesses — and to skilled threat actors. All this makes cybersecurity more important than ever.

FCG provided us a 5-person project team to create and implement a PCI compliance process for our ecommerce platform. This was a time and materials engagement that provided an effective and cost-efficient solution.
Vice President, Infrastructure

Beach Body

We help our clients secure their organizations, increase their resilience and become cyber-ready for the unexpected through our expertise in:

  • Information security
  • Operational security
  • Cloud security
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity
  • Governance
  • Regulation
  • Compliance
  • Identity management and authentication
Fortune 1000, Secure Satellite Communications Industry Client

FCG began providing services to this client in 2017. What began as providing functional resources related to the upgrade and implementation of the Oracle Financials suite for EBS has evolved into a hybrid MSP providing large numbers of technical and functional Oracle resources engaged in multiple mergers and acquisitions.

Fortune 1000, E Commerce industry Client

FCG Began providing services to this client in 2006. We began by providing Agile, Oracle Manufacturing Technical consultants and soon expanded into the EBS Functional and Technical areas. In 2011 we began a major project to transform their customer facing ecommerce platform. This included concept to implementation, Web Business Analysts, Project and Product Managers as well as Web Designers and Developers. Today we maintain a fluctuating number of consultants in these same areas as work loads expand and contract.

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I asked FCG to provide a proof of concept, Salesforce, SME for a 1 month consulting assignment. Long story short, after this initial engagement period, FCG delivered a multi-tiered managed service providing onsite, offsite and offshore Salesforce application and implementation services.
VP, Applications Development | iHeart Media