A Smart Way to Grow

Access three resource models from one source.

Project Resource to Project Responsibility

Sometimes all you need is a high-quality spot IT resource to augment your core project team. Someone who has technical skills, can fit into your environment and play well with others.

In other instances, you want to delegate responsibility for your project to a trusted vendor; FCG can and will take ownership of projects. Our IT asset and project management methodology, along with our historical client engagement experiences, have given us the vision to create a hybrid IT services firm with the flexibility of taking as much or as little project responsibility as our clients deem fit. You make the call; Foothills Consulting Group’s corporate business processes do not need to drive your decision.

We brought on an FCG Oracle CPQ Functional SME to look at problems with our manufacturing application workflow. The problem was quickly isolated, and a solution proposed. We engaged FCG further to implement this solution Internationally with results above our initial expectations.
Director Enterprise Applications


How do we do it?

Whether it is our capability and willingness to take project ownership, or our IT fluent staff of service delivery experts, FCG provides a level of accountability that is not associated with IT contract services/ staffing firms. If our clients only need a spot resource to augment their core staff, we are ready and able to perform quickly and efficiently. Our ability to use your process or our own, our sound project management approach and our deployment of only appropriate resources on these projects, allows us to deliver services to you in the manner that you prefer.

It’s your project, and we understand your requirements differ from engagement to engagement. One size does not fit all. Our goal is to support your requirements, not to impose a rigid service delivery model on you. We are confident that we can deliver on a range of projects across your requirement and responsibility levels. We have built management systems to effectively support all of our client engagements. Given the opportunity, you will come to appreciate our flexible business model and will see immediate positive results. Our growing roster of Fortune 1000 clients and growing mid-size clients can attest to our value proposition.

Staff Augmentation

Quickly and efficiently supplement your team with vetted, hand-picked technology talent fit specifically to meet your business needs.

This is what we at FCG refer to as Staff Augmentation or Individual Resource Augmentation . Our unique clients, the majority of which are Fortune 1000 companies, require outside staff augmentation for several reasons:

  • You are installing a new technology and need experienced professionals to bring knowledge to the implementation process
  • You need experienced professionals to operate and maintain legacy applications while your staff implements new technology solutions
  • You have a third party implementing new or upgraded enterprise applications and you want a subject matter expert to be a liaison for you and the 3rd
  • You have a spike or a defined project that will increase your IT department workload and need professional support for a defined period of time.
  • Your IT organization is part of a rapidly growing and changing company. You need more talent onboard, and you need it quickly.

These are just a few of the real-life business issues we have solved for clients past and present. How do we do it? One overriding principle is key. We make finding and working with our IT consultants personal. When we track and evaluate our consultant’s client assignments, we look at matching our resources from a 3-dimensional point of view. We score the technical and functional elements of performance but additionally we consider the specific elements and goals of the projects they have completed. We know that our vetting process is directly responsible for our high percentage of successful outcomes.

I met, one of FCG’s principles, through a CIO networking group I belong to. I was looking for an alternative to outsourcing entire projects that were not fully defined. A hybrid solution. 11 years and two companies later I still call FCG when I need a flexible solution to bridge a technology or labor gap in my organization.
Vice President, Information Technology

The Irvine Company

Project Outsourcing

Guarantee delivery by outsourcing entire projects to a team subject matter experts assembled to meet your requirements.

Save IT department FTE and management hours while ensuring delivery budgets and timelines by outsourcing an entire project to FCG.

Very often, in the technology management space, we are faced with this seemingly simple yes or no question with regard to a project or task. It goes by many labels, make or buy, onsite or offsite, on shore or offshore, inhouse or outsource etc.

Your decision-making process in these cases will be influenced by one or more of the following criteria:

  • Is the project well defined? (current state, future state, gap)
  • Is the project scope static?
  • Is the budget firm?
  • Does the project have limited technology or stakeholder dependencies?

If the answer to one or more these questions is yes then the project in question may be a good candidate for outsourcing. We have a history of cost effectively delivering projects on time and on budget. FCG has channel partner relationships with companies in the following technology verticals.

  • Enterprise Architecture and Application Integration, Kafka
  • MedTech Product Development
  • Oracle Financials Design Development and Implementation
  • Salesforce Application Development
  • Ecommerce Roadmap
  • Website Design, Development and Launch
I outsourced 2 embedded SW development projects in the MedTech space to FCG. Both were delivered on budget and on time. I have referred them to other companies in my technology vertical as well. Their consultants are top notch.
Manager, SW Engineering

Quidel Corporation

Managed Services

Scale your teams reach with a team of reliable experts with ongoing managed services from one trusted source.

Scale your organizations reach with a team of experienced professionals assembled and managed to meet your specific requirements all from one trusted source. FCG has a long history of successful outcomes with our Managed Services clients. Our Managed Services offering is a tailored solution. FCG’s engagement history for this service line rarely looks the same. What our engagements do have in common is the utilization of onsite, offsite or off shore resources to meet our client’s goals. We have used all combinations of resource delivery to accomplish our mission. Our clients choose.

The decision-making process for considering an FCG Managed Service solution may include some of the following factors:

  • Introduction of a new enterprise application into the current technology stack.
  • The scope of the task at hand has many dependencies
  • Change management and knowledge transfer are key Performance Indicators
  • A cross section of IT talent across the SDLC is required
  • The approved budget does support using Big 3 or other large S/W Integration vendors
  • My mangers want to provide direction and control during this transition
  • A cookie cutter implementation is the wrong approach

The FCG Managed Service is a hybrid solution. Our clients decide how much direction and control they want to retain or delegate. It is a partnership that flexes based on the requirements. We both own the results. Case studies from previous FCG Managed Services engagements are available upon request.

I met a FCG Solutions Delivery representative at the Salesforce convention in San Jose. We started with a single SME Business Analyst resource and eventually scaled to a Managed Service utilizing Onsite, offsite and offshore resources that delivered superior results over a 2.5-year horizon
Senior Manager, CRM